Cucumber Water

This is an exciting week for my son Lucas, he started pre-K, yup, he is officially a big boy. He has been in school since he was 20 months old but I’ve always been with him during class, this is the first time on his own. I knew this day would come, despite that, it was hard to just hand him over to someone I met once. I teared up, I won’t lie but seeing him so happy and excited to start a new journey, made it a bit easier.

Moving on to today’s recipe, I wanted to post here this cucumber water recipe I made for this Summer’s issue (which you can buy a printed copy HERE). I was thinking it was hiding inside the magazine when this should be in everyones repertoire. It’s very refreshing and simple to prepare so take advantage of it in these last days of Summer we have left. 


  1. Najwa! Good luck with this big transition! I bet your little dude will love school and you'll get a little free time to yourself, which is quite a treat for us mamas ( even though we love and miss our kiddos too).
    I can't wait to see what kinds of creations well up from that extra space in your life:)

    1. Thank you Erin!! Very true, quite time is an amazing time! I hope all is well with you, xx

  2. It's still quite hot here lately so a tall glass of this would be very welcome!

  3. This is really a wonderful post.


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