Chilled Strawberry and Coconut Milk Soup Shooters from The Recipe Girl Cookbook

I've been following Lori Lange, the genius behind "The Recipe Girl"  blog for quite some time. When I learned that she was writing a cookbook, I was really happy for her and of course, for me too. I now have a piece or her legacy right at home, how cool is that? 

Her recipes are easy to follow and the book has a wide range to choose from, including gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy-free recipes. There are also party menus and tips for easy entertaining. A little bit for everybody. 

It was really hard to choose one recipe to share with you since they all look really good. I had to settle for one and I picked this crazy-good chilled strawberry and coconut milk soup. I've never had anything like this before and she is right to say this would make a great Summer appetizer.

This soup was creamy and refreshing with a burst of coconut on each sip. There is nothing I would change about this recipe except for the quantities to make more. 

Well done and thank you, Recipe Girl! 

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8oz strawberries, rinsed and sliced
2 tbsp granulated white sugar
1 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice
1 cup low-fat canned coconut milk
Additional small strawberries for garnish
1/4 cup toasted shaved coconut for garnish

Toss together the strawberries, sugar and lime juice in a medium bowl. Let the mixture marinate for 30 minutes. In a blender or food processor, combine the strawberries and coconut milk. Process until smooth. Pour into small serving glasses and garnish with strawberries and toasted coconut, if desired. 

This recipe is from The Recipe Girl Cookbook.


  1. These look great! Congrats to Lori!

  2. This looks so refreshing and delicious! I love that you use coconut milk (:

    1. Thank you! That was genius of her, coconut milk really shines through in this soup.

  3. Exquisite! Those shots must be deliciously refreshing.



  4. Wonderful! Where did you find the little jars?

    1. It was a gift from a friend. Thank you!

  5. This soup was great and so easy to make! My son loved it and my husband said it tasted like a melted milkshake :)


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