Delicious Valentine's!

Here it is guys! As promised, the second edition of Delicious Shots Magazine post is up! Lots of DIY projects, recipes and contributions from 3 amazing ladies: Sarah, Nicole and Sneh. Happy Valentine's Day :) 

Download Box HERE


  1. Just beautiful. I love all the projects! Thank you!

  2. Beautiful work, i'm inspired.

  3. Beautiful magazine, I love the pillow box :)

  4. Hi! This is my first time here, and I have to tell you, your magazine is Gorgeous! AND, I love the free downloads too. Thanks again, you've made me hungry now, so I guess that also means you're doing a good job!

    PS: I write at: http://inyrdreemz-thebig50.blogspot.com/

  5. These desserts look like they could have made a great addition to any Valentine's Day meal. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Love your site!!! First time here and was just browsing your recipes. I am looking for the recipe for Orange Marshmallows that is listed in your recipe section and the link took me here but I am still not seeing it. I am probably missing the obvious :)
    Beautiful, beautiful pictures and lovely recipes. Thanks for sharing your talent <3


    1. Hello Julie! Thank you so much for stoping by and for your kind words. The recipe is in the DIY part of the magazine! Thank you so much again! xx

  7. The Viral Site best cakes for valentines day , simple awesome


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