Roasted Butternut Squash, Carrots and a Giveaway!!

Thanksgiving is here and I figured I am just in time to share these last minute recipes with you. Even though my menu is not yet finalized, I am not worried because this year we are sharing responsibilities in the kitchen.

For example, my hubby is in charge of the mashed potatoes, this is a big deal since he is not fan of cooking, he rather believe that he is sitting at a judge table of a cooking contest, tasting every single dish, but it's ok, he always comes out with the best reviews. My two cousins are helping too. One is in charge of the appetizer and the other one is in charge of a side dish. I am in control of the turkey. I plan to do it simple. Basically, I will rub it with herb butter and garlic under the skin and roast it low and slow for a couple of hours. And Lucas? Well, I guess he will be our judge this year.

And just because I love you and I want to say thank you for your support, I am hosting a giveaway! It's a beautiful dress from Shabby Apple. Hey, we need to be pretty for the holidays, right? Also, they are generously giving us 10% discount on our next purchase (enter the code deliciousshots10off).

To enter the contest, you need to do 2 simple things: "Like" Shabby Apple Facebook page and answer the following question: 

Where are you spending New Years Eve this year? 
Just leave your answer in a comment to automatically enter the contest.

The winner will be picked randomly and announced on Friday, November 25th! If you are a guy, you can win this for your girlfriend, sister, cousin, wife, well you get my point!

 Happy Thanksgiving and Good Luck! 

Winner Announced!!!
Congratulations Mary "such beautiful recipes and delicious shots indeed!! In new years I hope to be wearing that dress next to the ones I love, in Miami."

Please contact deliciousshots@gmail.com to claim your dress 
Have a beautiful weekend! 


  1. The same here!I decided and planned today with my sister-in-law!We are all sharing recipes this year,everyone will bring something to our Thanksgiving Table!It will be very interesting tasting all the different foods and also giving them the spotlight for the night! :) Hey,It's all about sharing and Thanks-Giving! Have a good one!

  2. well, I still don't know what / where will I do, but I'm sure that I'll spend this time with my mr. Big :)
    PS: soooooo wonderful dress
    PS2: I like shabby apple :)

  3. the butternut squash looks great. we are going to be visiting my sister in Florida for a family reunion. I love the dress ;)

  4. such beautiful recipes and delicious shots indeed!! In new years I hope to be wearing that dress next to the ones I love, in Miami.

  5. And what do men win? ;)
    Loving the roasted veggies!

  6. I love the dress! I will spend new years with my family in Los Angeles.

  7. Beautiful choice of dress! I will be home cooking for my family and enjoying such wonderful holiday ;)

  8. Hi, really enjoyed going through your recipes: they all look delicious and I love the photos! Hope you will visit me too! bye for now, Daniela

  9. Hi, I enjoyed going through your blog, love the food and the photos! Hope you will come and visit me too! bye for now, Daniela

  10. I love roasted vegetables! The colors are amazing! Beautiful dress. Will have to check out what else they have. Love spending a quiet evening at home with loved ones for New Year's Eve.

  11. New years for us will be spent at home....trying to keep everyone ( and myself!) Awake until midnight. Dresses like that one really make me wish we had plans to go out an celebrate, though! So cute!

  12. Always with the family! Anywhere would be the best New Years Eve :)

  13. Not sure yet but probably with my lovely friends in Athens, GA!

  14. I like Shabby Apple on Facebook (as the name in my email address) I'll probably stay home New years Eve


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