Unlock the Taste of Summer

I am excited to let you know that I will be participating in a cook-off organized by Veria TV and Whole Foods Market "Unlock the Taste of Summer" This televised event will take place on Sunday June 26, 2011 at the Glastonbury, CT Whole Foods Market. The challenge will be to create a healthy and delicious summer dish in 15 minutes! I will have 30 minutes to prep. The key ingredient assigned to me is asparagus so any ideas or suggestions on what should I make are welcome!!

If you are in the area you are more than welcome to stop by, celebrity chef Andrea Beaman will be the judge of this event and will be doing live demonstrations. It all starts at 11am. You can also drop by Veria's Facebook page at 11am E.T. on June 26th to see the action streamed live.

Well, wish me luck! I am nervous already but really excited to be there and I am looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. I'm not giving you any dish idea but ingredients suggestion for use with the versatile asparagus.
    - Aged balsamic vinegar -I think you have a stunning one in your cupboard ;) + fig for sauce...?
    - Sauce rouille (French "sauce" special for Mediterranean fish soup but worth the try with the asparagus).
    Maybe you can outsmart expectations and find a way to include BOTH the balsamic and the rouille. I'm not shocked by the idea but you need to try it first at home.
    Make it SIMPLE, with clear ingredients easily recognizable.

  2. That sounds good! I sure will be trying things at home to see if I can make it just under 15 mts! the balsamic vinegar is sure coming with me ;)
    thank you!

  3. I always do at home sliced (like tagliatelle) asparagus sauteed with olive oil, it's easy and fast! good luck

  4. Estas semanas de atras he visto un monton de recetas claro que nos e cuanto tiempo necesitan para ahcerlas, pero esparragos salteados con piñones y vainilla, crema de esparragos,pancakes de esparragos, con salsa holandesa, con hojaldre...etc
    mucha suerte!

  5. How about using zucchini to wrap around the asparagus bunches, and serve on balsamic and strawberry glaze? Totally vegan and totally summer!
    Anyway can I take a moment and just say, GEEZ LOUISE girl you are ON FIRE!! :)

  6. Thank you everyone, all great ideas! strawberry glaze sounds yummy! thank you!

  7. You can put together a beautiful brine for them in 15 minutes, although they won't quite pickle that fast... We love pickled asparagus over here!

  8. Something VERY easy & VERY good... Spray a pan with Pam or other cooking spray, lay the asparagus out in a single layer, lightly spray over them with a little more Pam, sprinkle with salt & bake @ 400 to your desired tenderness. (I use a non stick metal pan for mine.) I've made asparagus in a variety of ways & this has been what is preferred by my family.

  9. It was GREAT meeting you and working with you at the event...your dish looked exquisite!!! Best Wishes, Barbara

  10. Thank you so much Barbara, right back at you, it was a real pleasure to meet you too! xox


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