My first written post..

Ok, it took me a while to decide that I should write and give more details about what I do on my blog since I have always been shy of speaking in public, big crowds and so on but now I feel more comfortable doing it.
I am a baker with a big passion for cooking and baking and I am very excited to start this jorney
in food-photography blogging. I am the mother of the cutest baby boy (well, which mother doesn't think that their child is the cutest). He is 10 month old and his name is Lucas.

Him and my husband (a great artist, painter) are the only witnesses of what happens in my kitchen until I decided to share it with you too!
Well, here we go, oficially my first written post!

I will soon start posting some recipes as well...


Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to write a comment, they make my day!