Salsa Verde And Lima Bean Salad

As warmer weather approaches, I’m preparing my favorite recipes for when I can finally do some outdoor grilling. But, what’s up with Winter? It’s refusing to leave the East Coast and I swear I can not take one more day of snow. As I wait impatiently for better days, I decided to get us a smoker, yes! I’m excited about that, I think I’ll be smoking everything. Besides that, I also got a molcajete (mortar and pestle) which I love and already put to good use with this beautiful salsa verde that will brighten up your grilling. 


Roasted Butternut Squash

Today I want to share a super easy recipe for roasted butternut squash. I love to make this as a side dish instead of the usual potatoes. This goes particularly well with stews or roasts. The minimalist way of preparing this side dish allows us to taste what butternut squash has to offer. This is so simple to prepare, you don’t even have to peel the butternut squash, simply cut it lengthwise, seed it, drizzle it with olive oil, sprinkle salt and black pepper and in to the oven it goes for 40 minutes and that’s that. I told you. Simple. Enjoy your weekend! 


Curry Chicken With Chickpeas

This week, I’m bringing you an excellent, stick-to-your-ribs recipe to help you keep warm and cozy. Not only this curry will keep you warm but it could also keep you cold-free and flu-free with ingredients like turmeric, ginger and garlic. I love when these ingredients come together in a meal, they just bring a dish to another level of flavor and again, they are so good for you. 



If you are looking for a different way of brunching, you might want to consider this filling alternative. I know you are probably asking yourself, what the hell baleadas are. Baleadas are flour tortillas, topped with refried beans and a queso fresco type of cheese, then you fold it and eat it like a taco. You can also add different topping as you see in the pictures. This is a very popular if not the most popular dish in Honduras, you can find them anywhere.


Banana Crumb Cake With Chocolate Chips

Moist, crumbly and packed with flavor, this banana crumb cake with chocolate chips will make your afternoon coffee more irresistible. This is the 3rd recipe for banana cake on this blog, not only because we love it so much (specially Lucas) but also because we always end up with overripe bananas in our house. I know there are other things you can do with overripe bananas like, sweetening a milk shake, caramelizing them, eating them with ice cream, or even pancakes. It doesn't matter, we always end up with cake.


Red Lentil Soup With Teklai

I can’t get through Winter without soup and this red lentil soup is what I often crave when I’m looking for comfort food. It’s flavorful and easy to put together, don’t you love to hear that? This is not your ordinary lentil soup. Besides having enticing elements like curry and coconut milk, this soup is perfumed with teklai. Teklai is basically garlic cooked in olive oil and coriander (I also like to add cumin) and finish off with lemon juice. This sauce is often used in the Middle East to garnish soups and stews and it’s particularly  famous in a soup called “Moloukhiya” (a childhood favorite).


Hazelnut Cookies And A New Look!

I’m really excited to start 2015, new year, new goals, fresh start. I’m very positive about it all! I hope you all had a beautiful and healthy holiday season! Any new year’s resolution? Mine is not exactly loosing weight (just yet :) which is why I decided to start my new year with these hazelnut cookies. I know I should have posted this recipe probably back in September but then I figured, everybody else will be posting about salads and juice cleansers which, don’t get me wrong, I will eventually do. In the mean time, these cookies are a perfect diet breaker.


Crispy Fish Cakes With Pine Nuts And Fresh Herbs

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, family and good food. Today, I’m sharing a great recipe very fitting for the holidays, crispy fish cakes. Why? Because they are packed with flavor, easy to eat which comes in handy when looking for something tasty to pass around and trust me, these will disappear from the plate faster that you can say “come and get it.”


Beet Hash with Eggs + "One Pot" Cookbook Giveaway

"A new ingredient can transform a familiar recipe. Beets bring sweetness and rosy color to meet-free hash. The hearty dish would be welcome on a brunch or dinner table" - Martha Stewart.  

And welcomed this dish was on my table, yesterday for brunch. I am a beet lover and thankfully so is my family so when I was reading through Martha Stewart's new cookbook "One Pot" and found this recipe, I knew I would be making it soon.


Getting Ready for Thanksgiving?

A side dish of oven-roasted vegetables is a must in our Thanksgiving table. I know, I’m pretty early on this post but I really wanted to share this in advance so that you try it and fall in love with it. Of course, this is not exclusive to Thanksgiving. This side dish would beautifully complement your dinner any day. Butternut squash, sweet potatoes and potatoes came together to create this simple but flavorful dish. Humble caramelized onions shine with these vegetables, adding extra sweetness. Tangy tahini sauce cuts through the sweetness, creating a nice balance. Toasted almonds, of course, provide the crunch and fresh herbs brighten the whole thing. All under one hour? Yes please! 


Last Garden Tomatoes + Homemade Ricotta

Is anybody else sad about saying bye to Summer fruit and veggies? God knows I love Fall but I’ll miss Summer produce really bad, especially tomatoes. Last weekend, we harvested the last tomatoes from our garden and I decided to make a warm ricotta, tomatoes and herb salad. As you might have guessed by now, I made the ricotta. If you never have made ricotta before, let me tell you, it’s one of the easiest cheeses to make and nothing beats homemade, and it’s even better if you can get fresh farm milk.


Martha Stewart, Apple Cider and Recipe Cards

This week I was invited to the launch party of Martha Stewart’s newest cookbook, One Pot. I had the opportunity to meet her and even take a “selfie” with her. What’s that? the selfie is blurry? Well, that’s because I was shaking! I had MARTHA STEWART right next to me!  I also had the chance to talk to her a little bit and gave her a set of my new collection of recipe cards I illustrated to which she said “Oh they are so beautiful, thank you”. That made my day people. I am happy to announce that they are now available on my SHOP!


Cucumber Water

This is an exciting week for my son Lucas, he started pre-K, yup, he is officially a big boy. He has been in school since he was 20 months old but I’ve always been with him during class, this is the first time on his own. I knew this day would come, despite that, it was hard to just hand him over to someone I met once. I teared up, I won’t lie but seeing him so happy and excited to start a new journey, made it a bit easier.


Yummy Supper Book Giveaway!

I’ve been ask many times what’s my favorite part of blogging? There are a few answers to that but without a doubt one of my favorite parts is the connection I make with people. Today, I’m very excited to share this book written by the super talented Erin Scott from Yummy Supper. I’ve been following Erin for quite some time and I always enjoy her stories, honest recipes and her beautiful photography, all reflected on her book.


"Latin Summer" Magazine

Ceviche and Plantain Chips 

It’s finally here, the Summer magazine I’ve been working on is ready! I always get really excited when I make a magazine because I put a lot of thought and work into it and all I want is for you to see it. This issue is themed “Latin Summer.” I basically gathered some of my favorite latin recipes I love to make over the Summer. You will find things like ceviche, mojitos, cucumber water and corn tacos, all perfect for a casual dinner or a gathering over the weekend. I hope you like it as much as I do! By the way, I’m already working on Fall’s :). 


Basic Tomato Sauce

A long overdue post, my recipe for basic tomato sauce. A good tomato sauce recipe, it’s pretty essential to have on hand as the amount of dishes you can make with it are endless. I wait all year to make this sauce because as you know, tomatoes are sweet and juicy at this time of the year so I need to stock up not only for now but for a few months after.


Sweet Corn Cakes

Have you been abusing corn lately?  I have. Grilled, boiled, salads and my recent obsession, sweet corn cakes, I’ve been eating corn like it’s going out of business. How can I not? They are so sweet at this time of the year. In Honduras when it’s corn season, you’ll find so many amazing recipes. Corn is used in many “unusual” ways like “atol de elote”  which is a warm drink made out of sweet corn puree, milk and cinnamon. Oh, so perfect for those cold days. Of course, the traditional tamales are a must as well as  the sweet corn cakes.


Coconut Burnt Caramel Ice Cream - Dairy Free

Creamy, really creamy. Chunky and sweet with a burst of coconut. This is what I like to call an ice cream with an attitude. My favorite part is… the whole thing. The flavor of coconut mingling with the burnt taste of the caramel makes so much sense. There is not one thing  I don’t like about this ice cream, truly the perfect scoop. 


Red Cabbage, Carrots, Celery and Toasted Cumin Salad

Crisp, light and flavorful, that is how I describe this salad. I love to make cabbage salad because I very much enjoy its crunchy texture, also, it stays crunchy even after 2 days in the fridge which makes it a great salad to make ahead of time. Very simple to put together, it’s hardly a recipe. The variations on it are endless, I sometimes add raw beets or shaved fennel instead of celery. Nuts and herbs are also a great addition. With that being said, there is something I love about the combination of these three vegetables, specially the celery. It completely brightens the salad and gives it a nice almost refreshing aftertaste. Also, the toasted cumin perfumes everything so nicely, it just leaves you wanting more. This is a good recipe to have, specially if you like to grill, this salad pairs well with both meat and fish. 


Strawberry Popsicles

I wait all year long for berries, rhubarb and all the good staff that comes with Spring. I love to go around the web and check out all the creative recipes my fellow bloggers come up with, inspired by the season like these strawberry S’mores bites, this raspberry tart or this hibiscus strawberry rhubarb iced tea. All three recipes look great.


Maple and Apricot Frozen Yogurt

Yes, I went there, I pulled my ice cream maker out of the shadows and put it to work. The truth is, after this long and cruel Winter, I didn't think I would be eating anything out of an ice cream maker any time soon but, who can resist the temptation of frozen yogurt? Better yet, who can resist the temptation of apricot frozen yogurt, sweetened with maple syrup? I clearly couldn't and I'm here to tempt you. 


Homemade Conchas

This “pan dulce” (sweet bread) is called “conchas” in Mexico or “semitas” in Honduras, I won't be surprised to find more names out there for it. Growing up, this was a classic treat to go with our coffee,  I remember a little bakery by my house that use to sell this fresh, out of the oven. The line of customers trying to get a few pieces was endless. 


Condensed Milk Iced Coffee

I'm excited about this recipe, yes, an iced coffee recipe. Here is the story, I used to work in a Spanish specialty store where they sold a coffee called Cafe Bombon. It's essentially a shot of a strong espresso or coffee sweetened with condensed milk. I’m not sure which area of Spain it’s from but this coffee is such a treat, you must order it if you come across it. 


Shortbread Cookies

Don’t you love a good treat to go with your afternoon cup of coffee or tea? Well, if you’re still in search for that perfect treat, I have good news, I’m sharing this must-try recipe: Shortbread cookies. I actually made this batch for our Easter brunch, I made them the day before but it can be done a few days ahead or even weeks since they freeze well. They are great for gatherings, the perfect end to a good meal.


Chocolate Swirl Meringues

Planning Luca’s birthday party has been keeping me very busy these past few weeks. Thankfully it’s over. The reason for this is, I take on the task of making everything myself, from designing the invitations to making the piƱata and of course, making the food and sweets all from scratch. I love to do all of these, don't get me wrong, it’s just tiring.